DotD: Indianapolis

By Brandon on July 10, 2019

Celebrating Independence Day with Adam Faraizl, Dennis Christopher and other horror pallies in Indianapolis with Days of the Dead!

Hot damn. Another Days of the Dead show. After having so much fun at my very first convention with Marlon Taylor, Jeremy Ray Taylor and Chosen Jacobs in Atlanta, this time I’d get to hang with Adam Faraizl, Dennis Christopher, Eddie Furlong and some other convention pallies in Indianapolis. This circuit is a family, for sure. I was met at the airport by familiar face Krystal Holmgren and arriving at the hotel I’d see at least a dozen more. I was curious to see how it would play out without Carrie and Adolfo Dorta, but Bill threw an amazing con.

There’s something special about this convention — it’s intimate, there’s always something to do and the craftsmanship of the goods the vendors sell is unparalleled.

It was great to see Dennis Christopher after nearly 30 years. Since Emily couldn’t make it, he jumped in on our IT panel and told some amazing stories we hadn’t heard before – his experiences shooting IT and his casting experiences with Django Unchained and Stranger Things.

Of course, there was this historic photo, too…

Great to see Kane Hodder again, I judged a make-up contest while Adam got to play catch-up with guest and former co-star Nick Stahl.

A highlight of the trip was meeting author and activist Paul Lanner from “Haunters Against Hate” who was there with his coffee-table book, “The Book of Haunters” – the sales of which directly benefit LGBTQ teen organizations.

Keep your eyes peeled for a foreword from yours truly in Book 2. It’s an honor.