London Comic Con 2019

By Brandon on March 5, 2019

And then there were five. Five Losers descend on London for the Spring London Comic Con in Hammersmith.

YES! Thanks to an invite from Showmasters, 5 of the Losers (this time adding Emily Perkins!) descended on London for the Spring Comic Con.

Some of us arrived a few days early and connected with “Pennywise: The Story of IT” creator John Campopiano and toured a few late-night spots in Covent Garden. Camden the next day for some eats and later on we connected with Emily and Marlon and a few friends from Birmingham on Carnaby Street.

The Show

The show was fantastic. The venue was in Hammersmith and it was absolutely mammoth. Showmasters doesn’t screw around. They kept us busy both days and it was amazing to see that even more new friends from Birmingham turned up to see us again and we met some pretty interesting characters. I’m not star-struck often, but a few highlights for me personally was getting to meet Iain Glen (Jorah from Game of Thrones – but for me, he was in the first West End show I ever saw) and Lucy Davis (Dawn) from The Office.

There were a few even rarer moments, too. Normally, I don’t present my jacked-up grille in photos – like, ever. So when I had the opportunity to take a photo in the green room with Peter Mayhew, yes, CHEWBACCA, they came right out.

Peter was a gracious (albeit tired) and friendly guy.

All told, the whole experience was incredible. Thanks to Jason Joiner for the invite and Laurence Wreford for arranging everything. We had a great time and hope to return!