Monsterpalooza 2018

By Brandon on April 16, 2018

Who says a convention appearance and family vacation can’t mix?

This was a HUGE CONVENTION. We had already planned a family excursion to Universal Studios Hollywood, but due to a cancellation there was an open table for Friday night only at Monsterpalooza. Don’t mind if I do!

There were ROWS of vendors and horror icons like the friggin’ Chiodo Brothers, Elvira, Kane Hodder, Doug Bradley and on and on. Back to the artists, though — there were displays with the kind of detailed art reserved for Hollywood production model-makers.

It was great to meet some of my friends from Twitter and Instagram in person, too. Even though it was just for one night, it was absolutely FRANTIC and I spent most of the night in front of my table. The funniest part of the evening was a guy who drove all the way down from Central California in rush hour so he could get his poster autographed – he was a nurse who was going to turn around and drive all the way back for his shift the next morning. I didn’t have the heart to tell him we lived in the same neighborhood…

To Elliot…thanks.

Had a great time drinking butterbeer and navigating the attraction lines the next day at Universal – the girls had a great time and were totally exhausted. Mission accomplished.