My First Horror Convention

By Brandon on February 5, 2018

I got to explore the world of horror fandom for the very first time at Days of the Dead in Atlanta, GA. I’m hooked.

After shooting the upcoming documentary about the Stephen King “IT” mini-series last July, the production manager, Michael Perez asked if I was interested in horror convention appearances. Honestly, I HAD NO IDEA THAT WAS EVEN A THING. Come September 2017, I had an offer to appear at Famous Monsters in San Jose but a fire raged in Santa Rosa and the promoter (who ended up losing his home) was forced to cancel the event.

Fast forward a few months and we got invited to Days of the Dead in Atlanta, GA. I brought my oldest daughter with me — it was her first time in a plane and I couldn’t have thought of a better bonding exercise than a cross-country trip. We puttered around Atlanta before the event, went to the Coca-Cola museum (priorities) and then we headed back to the hotel for the main event. I really needed her to be my assistant, but as creative as she is she found a way to use my autograph as currency and loaded up on a carry-on bag full of swag.

Marlon Taylor, Chosen Jacobs, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Brandon Crane

Three awesome things happened. 1) I got to reconnect with Marlon Taylor after 27 years. Time in a vacuum, it was like we walked off the set yesterday. Of course, now we’re old but he’s amazing with fans and easily a fan-favorite. 2) We got to meet our counterparts from the new movie. We had a great panel with Chosen Jacobs and Jeremy Ray Taylor to discuss the differences between the two adaptations and answer questions from fans.

After the convention came to a close and before we packed up and left for the airport Jeremy Ray Taylor interviewed us for his YouTube Channel.

What’s the third thing? I met “Mean” Gene Okerlund!

"Mean" Gene - RIP

What’s my takeaway? Holy SHIT conventions are AWESOME. You get to meet your heroes, buy awesome stuff and you’re welcomed in by a real family of artists and fans — Adolfo, Carrie and Bill really know how to throw a party.